Peer Review Process

The Jinnah Business Review is committed to fair and professional dealing in publication of manuscripts. Following publication ethics and ethical malpractice code is being followed:

A. Authors must confirm that
a) Submitted manuscripts must be original work of the author(s)
b) Only unpublished manuscripts should be submitted.
c) Submission must be solely in Jinnah Business Review.
d) Sources are properly acknowledged.
e) The similarity index of the manuscript should not exceed 19% with not more than 5% from single source as per HEC guidelines.

B. Reviewers must confirm
a) That all manuscripts are reviewed in fairness.
b) That review is without any bias.
c) That information pertaining to the manuscript is kept confidential.
d) That the editor will be clearly guided about theh acceptance/rejection of manuscript.

D. Confidentiality
a) Editors and their editorial staff shall not disclose information about a manuscript.

E. Review Quality
a) Normally two reviewers should be invited to comment on a manuscript.

F. Timeliness
a) Review will be completed in time.

G. Accuracy
a) An editor presented with convincing evidence by a reviewer that the substance or conclusion of an unpublished manuscript is erroneous should promptly inform that author.

H. Final Decision
a) Final decision to accept/reject the manuscript will be based on fairness and merit.