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Date:  January 2024

Volume No:  12

Issue No:  1

Online ISSN:  2307-7921

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Research Articles

The Impact of Herding, Loss Aversion, and Cognitive Dissonance on Individual Investors Investment Decision Making: Moderating Role of Financial Literacy
M. Hussain, B. Zulfiqar, A. Shafique, L. Malik, P. Ashraf

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Sense of Work Community among Millennials in Jakarta
P. Angin, H. Saghir

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Effect of Punitive Supervision on nurses Turnover Intention: the mediating role of stress and moderating role of Resilience
M. Shahzadi

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The Impact of SMS Advertisements on Purchase Intention of Apparel Brands Consumers in Quetta
Rida, M. Ali, A. Nadeem, F. Ahmed

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Does Monetary Policy Determines Liquidity? New Evidence from Pakistan Stock Market
Q. Adalat, A. Hassan, S. Adalat

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The Impact of E-satisfaction, brand reputation and E-trust on E-loyalty: An Empirical Study of apparel industry of Rawalpindi and Islamabad
H. Mobeen, A. Jameel, A. Shahzad, H. B. Khalid

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