Call for Papers

The Journal welcomes the innovative concepts, ideas and practices about businesses, industry, and management related disciplines, and publishes theoretical and empirical research papers under the following areas:-

1. Management
    a. Strategic Management
    b. Corporate Governance
    c. Entrepreneurship
    d. Change management
    e. Leadership

2. Finance
    a. Corporate Finance
    b. Financial Markets
    c. Behavioral finance
    d. Risk Management
    e. Accounting & Auditing
     f. Investments

3. Human resource management (HRM)
    a. Strategic HRM
    b. HR practices
    c. Organizational behavior
    d. Performance Management System
    e. Organizational Development

4. Marketing
    a. Strategic Marketing
    b. Brand Management.
    c. Advertising and Promotion
    d. Relationship Marketing
    e. Services Marketing
     f. E-marketing
    g. Consumer Behavior

5. Economics and Economy
    a. Microeconomics
    b. Macroeconomics
    c. Monetary economics
     d. Price and Policy Analysis
    e. WTO, trade & Trade Analysis